What is the symbol for The Short De-SPAC ETF?


When did SOGU start trading?

May 19, 2021

Does SOGU track an index?

No. SOGU is meant to provide approximate daily 1x inverse performance of The De-SPAC Index.

Where can I see SOGU’s holdings?

Holdings can be viewed here.

What is the management fee for SOGU?

SOGU’s management fee is 0.90%

Where can I find the one-pager for SOGU?

The SOGU fact sheet can be found here.

On which exchange is SOGU listed?

It is listed on Nasdaq Stock Market.

How can I buy or sell SOGU?

Check with your financial advisor or online broker to see if SOGU is available on their platform. If it isn’t, please contact us. We are constantly working with new platforms to help on-board our ETF.

What type of order should I use when trading SOGU?

While a limit order is the most conservative route, it may take longer for your order to get executed. If you have specific questions about a larger order size, please call your financial advisor or feel free to contact us.

Can I trade options on SOGU?

Yes. SOGU options were listed on March 4, 2022

What is a De-SPAC?

It is a company that comes public as a result of a merger with a SPAC. “SPAC” stands for Special Purpose Acquisition Company. Often referred to as a “blank check company”, it is a listed acquisition vehicle that raises money to buy a private operating company.

Why are more companies choosing to go public via SPACs in recent years?

For sponsors, SPACs provide a structural flexibility that offers a competitive advantage vs. the typical IPO process. There is minimum upfront capital outlay and a faster time to market vs. a traditional IPO.

How big is the SPAC market and how has it grown over the last 3 years?

As of October 5, 2021, there are 464 SPACs searching for a merger target. In terms of growth, 2021 is already a record year for SPAC issuance. Through October 5 there have been 454 SPAC IPOs representing $130 billion of gross proceeds. This follows a banner 2020 which saw 248 SPACs come public representing $83.3 billion of gross proceeds. That compares to 59/$13.6 billion, respectively, in 2019 and 46/$10.8 billion, respectively, in 2018. The above data is sourced from the very informative SPACInsider website here.

You can either contact your Financial Advisor to see if SOGU is available on their platform or go through an online broker below:



Charles Schwab

TD Ameritrade

E Trade

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