SOGU Holdings

As of09/27/2021
TickerSecurity DescriptionSharesMarket Value
RECV SOGU TRS AEVA EQ798,422$798,422
PAYB SOGU TRS AEVA EQ-81,136-$695,336
RECV SOGU TRS ALIT EQ709,258$709,258
PAYB SOGU TRS ALIT EQ-61,928-$722,700
RECV SOGU TRS ASTR EQ787,130$787,130
PAYB SOGU TRS ASTR EQ-83,146-$776,584
RECV SOGU TRS BFLY EQ782,678$782,678
PAYB SOGU TRS BFLY EQ-63,191-$728,592
RECV SOGU TRS CANO EQ725,177$725,177
PAYB SOGU TRS CANO EQ-57,548-$811,427
RECV SOGU TRS GOEV EQ847,956$847,956
PAYB SOGU TRS GOEV EQ-117,446-$977,151
RECV SOGU TRS CHPT EQ825,918$825,918
PAYB SOGU TRS CHPT EQ-38,959-$797,491
RECV SOGU TRS CLOV EQ815,000$815,000
PAYB SOGU TRS CLOV EQ-93,793-$759,723
RECV SOGU TRS DM EQ821,348$821,348
PAYB SOGU TRS DM EQ-98,978-$774,998
RECV SOGU TRS ETWO EQ802,997$802,997
PAYB SOGU TRS ETWO EQ-67,140-$805,009
RECV SOGU TRS FSR EQ828,478$828,478
PAYB SOGU TRS FSR EQ-59,416-$938,179
RECV SOGU TRS LCID EQ828,866$828,866
PAYB SOGU TRS LCID EQ-40,425-$1,046,603
RECV SOGU TRS LAZR EQ847,747$847,747
PAYB SOGU TRS LAZR EQ-48,829-$850,113
RECV SOGU TRS MP EQ796,181$796,181
PAYB SOGU TRS MP EQ-23,620-$828,826
RECV SOGU TRS MTTR EQ807,383$807,383
PAYB SOGU TRS MTTR EQ-42,651-$890,126
RECV SOGU TRS MVST EQ721,012$721,012
PAYB SOGU TRS MVST EQ-69,098-$652,976
RECV SOGU TRS OPEN EQ770,866$770,866
PAYB SOGU TRS OPEN EQ-42,969-$902,349
RECV SOGU TRS PAYO EQ845,180$845,180
PAYB SOGU TRS PAYO EQ-82,296-$771,936
RECV SOGU TRS PRCH EQ732,433$732,433
PAYB SOGU TRS PRCH EQ-36,259-$674,417
RECV SOGU TRS QS EQ840,382$840,382
PAYB SOGU TRS QS EQ-38,220-$1,025,060
RECV SOGU TRS SKLZ EQ845,933$845,933
PAYB SOGU TRS SKLZ EQ-71,872-$820,778
RECV SOGU TRS SOFI EQ760,186$760,186
PAYB SOGU TRS SOFI EQ-52,693-$932,666
RECV SOGU TRS STEM EQ814,207$814,207
PAYB SOGU TRS STEM EQ-35,903-$942,813
RECV SOGU TRS GENI EQ747,423$747,423
PAYB SOGU TRS GENI EQ-36,000-$665,640
RECV SOGU TRS PSFE EQ803,139$803,139
PAYB SOGU TRS PSFE EQ-94,342-$750,019
SWAP COLLATERAL - CASH9,980,000$9,980,000

Holdings are subject to change.

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