SOGU Holdings

As of06/21/2021
TickerSecurity DescriptionSharesMarket Value
RECV SOGU TRS AEVA EQ552,382$552,382
PAYB SOGU TRS AEVA EQ-51,130-$566,520
RECV SOGU TRS APPH EQ575,262$575,262
PAYB SOGU TRS APPH EQ-33,456-$535,631
RECV SOGU TRS BTRS EQ568,423$568,423
PAYB SOGU TRS BTRS EQ-38,133-$557,504
RECV SOGU TRS BFLY EQ563,598$563,598
PAYB SOGU TRS BFLY EQ-40,404-$595,959
RECV SOGU TRS GOEV EQ547,733$547,733
PAYB SOGU TRS GOEV EQ-58,773-$556,580
RECV SOGU TRS CHPT EQ584,411$584,411
PAYB SOGU TRS CHPT EQ-19,850-$647,309
RECV SOGU TRS CLOV EQ479,910$479,910
PAYB SOGU TRS CLOV EQ-37,931-$426,344
RECV SOGU TRS DNMR EQ569,841$569,841
PAYB SOGU TRS DNMR EQ-22,978-$533,779
RECV SOGU TRS DM EQ585,552$585,552
PAYB SOGU TRS DM EQ-43,989-$548,983
RECV SOGU TRS ETWO EQ552,100$552,100
PAYB SOGU TRS ETWO EQ-42,608-$507,461
RECV SOGU TRS FSR EQ532,163$532,163
PAYB SOGU TRS FSR EQ-30,585-$535,543
RECV SOGU TRS HIMS EQ617,534$617,534
PAYB SOGU TRS HIMS EQ-46,691-$522,939
RECV SOGU TRS HYLN EQ538,583$538,583
PAYB SOGU TRS HYLN EQ-46,274-$531,688
RECV SOGU TRS RIDE EQ581,001$581,001
PAYB SOGU TRS RIDE EQ-49,965-$503,148
RECV SOGU TRS LAZR EQ569,059$569,059
PAYB SOGU TRS LAZR EQ-24,187-$550,980
RECV SOGU TRS MP EQ566,981$566,981
PAYB SOGU TRS MP EQ-17,804-$561,894
RECV SOGU TRS NKLA EQ543,138$543,138
PAYB SOGU TRS NKLA EQ-32,484-$524,292
RECV SOGU TRS OPEN EQ550,295$550,295
PAYB SOGU TRS OPEN EQ-33,145-$545,235
RECV SOGU TRS LPRO EQ591,020$591,020
PAYB SOGU TRS LPRO EQ-14,928-$610,704
RECV SOGU TRS PRCH EQ541,715$541,715
PAYB SOGU TRS PRCH EQ-29,462-$522,656
RECV SOGU TRS QS EQ570,316$570,316
PAYB SOGU TRS QS EQ-20,434-$539,049
RECV SOGU TRS SKLZ EQ540,280$540,280
PAYB SOGU TRS SKLZ EQ-26,541-$509,853
RECV SOGU TRS VLDR EQ542,951$542,951
PAYB SOGU TRS VLDR EQ-51,499-$565,459
RECV SOGU TRS GENI EQ613,230$613,230
PAYB SOGU TRS GENI EQ-30,116-$525,825
RECV SOGU TRS PSFE EQ558,590$558,590
PAYB SOGU TRS PSFE EQ-47,707-$536,704

Holdings are subject to change.

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