SOGU Holdings

As of01/21/2022
TickerSecurity DescriptionSharesMarket Value
-RECV SOGU TRS AEVA EQ1,654,635.591,654,635.59
-PAYB SOGU TRS AEVA EQ-245,645.00-1,161,900.85
-RECV SOGU TRS ALIT EQ1,471,905.671,471,905.67
-PAYB SOGU TRS ALIT EQ-146,769.00-1,357,613.25
-RECV SOGU TRS ASTR EQ1,642,931.881,642,931.88
-PAYB SOGU TRS ASTR EQ-252,739.00-1,228,311.54
-RECV SOGU TRS AUR EQ1,715,541.261,715,541.26
-PAYB SOGU TRS AUR EQ-192,861.00-1,053,021.06
-RECV SOGU TRS BFLY EQ1,358,539.661,358,539.66
-PAYB SOGU TRS BFLY EQ-207,126.00-1,203,402.06
-RECV SOGU TRS CANO EQ1,663,839.031,663,839.03
-PAYB SOGU TRS CANO EQ-215,081.00-1,253,922.23
-RECV SOGU TRS CHPT EQ1,642,098.941,642,098.94
-PAYB SOGU TRS CHPT EQ-95,314.00-1,260,051.08
-RECV SOGU TRS CLOV EQ1,838,102.541,838,102.54
-PAYB SOGU TRS CLOV EQ-309,773.00-1,127,573.72
-RECV SOGU TRS EMBK EQ1,629,713.671,629,713.67
-PAYB SOGU TRS EMBK EQ-164,340.00-1,355,805.00
-RECV SOGU TRS ETWO EQ1,709,504.561,709,504.56
-PAYB SOGU TRS ETWO EQ-241,826.00-1,276,841.28
-RECV SOGU TRS DNA EQ1,596,649.841,596,649.84
-PAYB SOGU TRS DNA EQ-108,289.00-1,178,184.32
-RECV SOGU TRS IONQ EQ1,295,820.561,295,820.56
-PAYB SOGU TRS IONQ EQ-33,163.00-1,251,903.25
-RECV SOGU TRS LCID EQ1,744,393.201,744,393.20
-PAYB SOGU TRS LCID EQ-104,960.00-1,084,236.80
-RECV SOGU TRS MTTR EQ1,584,973.661,584,973.66
-PAYB SOGU TRS MTTR EQ-272,939.00-1,503,893.89
-RECV SOGU TRS MVST EQ1,511,913.821,511,913.82
-PAYB SOGU TRS MVST EQ-152,358.00-1,228,005.48
-RECV SOGU TRS MIR EQ1,687,883.331,687,883.33
-PAYB SOGU TRS MIR EQ-125,127.00-1,271,290.32
-RECV SOGU TRS NVTS EQ1,446,117.161,446,117.16
-PAYB SOGU TRS NVTS EQ-224,028.00-1,176,147.00
-RECV SOGU TRS PAYO EQ1,250,419.511,250,419.51
-PAYB SOGU TRS PAYO EQ-138,768.00-1,050,473.76
-RECV SOGU TRS PTRA EQ1,508,371.161,508,371.16
-PAYB SOGU TRS PTRA EQ-106,074.00-1,473,367.86
-RECV SOGU TRS SOFI EQ1,565,309.201,565,309.20
-PAYB SOGU TRS SOFI EQ-93,971.00-1,175,577.21
-RECV SOGU TRS STEM EQ1,343,084.171,343,084.17
-PAYB SOGU TRS STEM EQ-151,370.00-1,339,624.50
-RECV SOGU TRS WE EQ1,500,552.911,500,552.91
-PAYB SOGU TRS WE EQ-214,422.00-1,361,579.70
-RECV SOGU TRS GENI EQ1,372,696.401,372,696.40
-PAYB SOGU TRS GENI EQ-231,817.00-1,298,175.20
-RECV SOGU TRS PSFE EQ1,386,582.181,386,582.18
-PAYB SOGU TRS PSFE EQ-372,387.00-1,284,735.15
-RECV SOGU TRS IS EQ1,532,427.731,532,427.73
-PAYB SOGU TRS IS EQ-213,767.00-1,310,391.71

Holdings are subject to change.

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