SOGU Holdings

As of07/01/2022
TickerSecurity DescriptionSharesMarket Value
-RECV SOGU TRS ALIT EQ1,215,854.65$1,215,854.65
-PAYB SOGU TRS ALIT EQ-163,528.00($1,125,072.64)
-RECV SOGU TRS ASTR EQ1,048,560.73$1,048,560.73
-PAYB SOGU TRS ASTR EQ-609,585.00($810,748.05)
-RECV SOGU TRS AUR EQ1,148,459.69$1,148,459.69
-PAYB SOGU TRS AUR EQ-504,657.00($989,127.72)
-RECV SOGU TRS CANO EQ1,075,050.10$1,075,050.09
-PAYB SOGU TRS CANO EQ-266,529.00($940,847.37)
-RECV SOGU TRS CORZ EQ1,067,418.42$1,067,418.42
-PAYB SOGU TRS CORZ EQ-528,481.00($798,006.31)
-RECV SOGU TRS DAVE EQ1,094,830.27$1,094,830.27
-PAYB SOGU TRS DAVE EQ-1,243,799.00($858,221.31)
-RECV SOGU TRS EMBK EQ1,033,460.50$1,033,460.50
-PAYB SOGU TRS EMBK EQ-1,624,916.00($882,329.39)
-RECV SOGU TRS DNA EQ1,212,641.28$1,212,641.28
-PAYB SOGU TRS DNA EQ-436,653.00($1,039,234.14)
-RECV SOGU TRS HYZN EQ1,179,408.51$1,179,408.51
-PAYB SOGU TRS HYZN EQ-310,950.00($917,302.50)
-RECV SOGU TRS IONQ EQ1,230,824.80$1,230,824.80
-PAYB SOGU TRS IONQ EQ-250,787.00($1,100,954.93)
-RECV SOGU TRS LCID EQ1,205,519.57$1,205,519.57
-PAYB SOGU TRS LCID EQ-68,334.00($1,161,678.00)
-RECV SOGU TRS MTTR EQ1,203,696.70$1,203,696.70
-PAYB SOGU TRS MTTR EQ-293,881.00($1,063,849.22)
-RECV SOGU TRS MVST EQ1,243,882.75$1,243,882.75
-PAYB SOGU TRS MVST EQ-462,918.00($1,027,677.96)
-RECV SOGU TRS MIR EQ1,167,106.14$1,167,106.14
-PAYB SOGU TRS MIR EQ-169,376.00($960,361.92)
-RECV SOGU TRS NVTS EQ1,135,887.53$1,135,887.53
-PAYB SOGU TRS NVTS EQ-206,952.00($765,722.40)
-RECV SOGU TRS PAYO EQ1,081,767.69$1,081,767.68
-PAYB SOGU TRS PAYO EQ-237,257.00($887,341.18)
-RECV SOGU TRS PTRA EQ1,203,134.09$1,203,134.09
-PAYB SOGU TRS PTRA EQ-285,699.00($1,145,652.99)
-RECV SOGU TRS SES EQ1,122,832.60$1,122,832.59
-PAYB SOGU TRS SES EQ-774,441.00($991,284.48)
-RECV SOGU TRS SOFI EQ1,033,122.37$1,033,122.37
-PAYB SOGU TRS SOFI EQ-720,094.00($835,309.04)
-RECV SOGU TRS SOND EQ1,077,549.72$1,077,549.71
-PAYB SOGU TRS SOND EQ-340,155.00($881,001.45)
-RECV SOGU TRS VORB EQ1,158,412.92$1,158,412.91
-PAYB SOGU TRS VORB EQ-350,816.00($1,347,133.44)
-RECV SOGU TRS WE EQ1,206,207.05$1,206,207.05
-PAYB SOGU TRS WE EQ-206,605.00($1,026,826.85)
-RECV SOGU TRS GRAB EQ1,156,154.56$1,156,154.55
-PAYB SOGU TRS GRAB EQ-454,377.00($1,081,417.26)
-RECV SOGU TRS SGHC EQ1,102,223.94$1,102,223.94
-PAYB SOGU TRS SGHC EQ-234,099.00($999,602.73)
-RECV SOGU TRS IS EQ1,180,955.66$1,180,955.66
-PAYB SOGU TRS IS EQ-173,188.00($1,061,642.44)

Holdings are subject to change.

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